Mara Gorman runner

The Dirty Girl Mud Run: Three reasons I’ll be there

It still amazes me that I run. As in, I’m surprised every single time I do it.

For many years one of my favorite jokes is that I would only ever run if I discovered a lion roaming my neighborhood. No marathons or races of any kind for me. No training. No discussion, ever, of my workouts. No workouts to discuss beyond hot yoga classes and a bit of vigorous walking.

Summer travel

Hanging out in our favorite Vermont spot - the river.

Summer travel: Make the most of it

It's that magic Friday, halfway through June. School is done for most of us and the summer months stretch out like one long beautiful dream. Today I'm itching for the summer travel that's about to … [Read more...]

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Paris with kids

Louvre Pyramid

Visiting the Louvre with kids

An alternate title for this post might be “Who’s Afraid of the Mona Lisa?” You see, I have a confession to make: I once spent nine months in Paris without once visiting the Louvre. And although I was … [Read more...]

The ornate Church of the Dome is very beautiful

Paris with kids: Invalides

My visit to the Musée de l’Armée at Invalides with my boys was the first time I had set foot inside the large complex where Napoleon is buried. We had all become intrigued by Invalides on our bike … [Read more...]

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