The Family Traveler’s Handbook

The Family Traveler's Handbook: Inspiring Families to See the World I’m happy to announce that the The Family Traveler’s Handbook is here!

The book distills five years of blog posts (over 800 and counting) about family travel and offers balanced advice about not where to go with kids, but how to get there and enjoy it. With stories from real-world parents who have been there/done that with kids, it will inspire you while also giving you practical tools and ideas to successfully plan any kind of family vacation.

A new definition of family travel

Many families get locked into the idea that there is one way to travel because kids are involved – they think they can’t go backpacking, check out art museums, dine in restaurants, or visit other continents because those are activities reserved for adults or because it will be too challenging.

My book redefines family travel and will show you that with planning and flexibility you can do almost anything you did before you had children. It encourages you to use day trips and weekend getaways as practice runs and to consider outdoor adventure travel and extended travel as viable options.

Climbing on the rocks on Peaks Island, Maine What you need to know to plan your trip

How should you decide where to go on your next family vacation? The How to Plan Your Trip section of the book looks at the questions to ask before making that decision.

I consider the benefits of hotels and resorts, what to look for in a vacation rental, and how to camp with kids. A section dedicated to planning an itinerary gives you the tools you need to make a day-to-day plan that will ensure family travel success.

How to make the most of your time on the road

In addition to offering sanity-saving tips for the car ride or airport, the Making the Most of Your Trip section looks at how to live like a local on the road. Tips include:

  • How to maintain your child’s routine on the road
  • Shopping at local markets
  • Using public transportation in new cities
  • What you can get out of playground visits

I also offers realistic suggestions for eating out with kids on the road and tips for keeping kids engaged and learning while visiting museums and cultural attractions.

Safety while traveling

In front of the Eiffel Tower - the ultimate Paris with kids photo-op.

Keeping children safe on the road is every parent’s priority. The Special Considerations in Family Travel section looks at what you need to do before you leave – including what to pack in your first-aid kit. Additional safety information includes:

  • Car seat safety
  • Crowd safety
  • Hotel room safety (including how to child-proof your room)
  • Water safety
  • Food safety
  • Heat, sun, and cold safety
  • Safety in the woods 

But wait! There’s more

The Family Traveler’s Handbook offers insight and quotes from some of the top family travel bloggers and writers.

The Resources section at the end is a valuable list of online and print tools for successfully planning and executing your trip.

Like my blog, my book is full of my  stories and photos taken from over a decade of family travel. I hope you’ll get reading and get inspired to see the world with your kids.

Buy The Family Traveler’s Handbook

Buy print copies of The Family Traveler’s Handbook on Amazon; you can also purchase it for your Kindle. The book is also available on the Barnes and Noble website. You can buy it for your tablet on iTunes and it’s available internationally on sites like

Do you have a friend who is expecting or  planning a family trip for the first time? I’d be more than happy to send a signed copy as a gift. Just drop me a note to let me know.

My book is part of the The Traveler’s Handbook Series. I hope you’ll check out some of the other titles as well – there are seven other equally inspiring and informative books on a whole range of travel topics written by passionate travel experts.