Biking near Lake Champlain

Biking with kids is fun for the whole family

Why I love biking with kids

There are few things I enjoy more than biking with kids, and so it’s something we tend to do both at home and on the road. All four members of our family have our own bikes, but even when we travel by plane we often end up renting or borrowing bikes …

Birdhouse forest in South Hero Vermont

Castles, dinos, and birdhouses on the shores of Lake Champlain

I haven't been taking too many actual pictures during our Vermont vacation this year, choosing instead to take mental photographs. In some ways these are better because I record them with all my senses: The sweet honey scent of freshly mowed grass, …


Mondays are for dreaming: Lake Champlain

I'm going to come right out and announce my prejudice right away: I think that Lake Champlain is just about the most beautiful lake in the world. I know those may be fightin' words, but I stand by them nevertheless. I'm convinced that there isn't …