Trains in Lancaster

Teddy at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania

Skipping with the steam engines

This was one of those weeks when my intentions exceeded my output in a big way. Actually, wait. I take that back. Let's try a different, glass-half-full tack on that opening: This week I was so busy gathering material for my blog that I didn't have …

Teddy in front of the Choo Choo Barn

MidAtlantic fun: Much more than trains at the Choo Choo Barn

When you think of Pennsylvania Dutch country, it may well be horse-drawn buggies that first leap to mind rather than trains. But it is in fact a great place to visit if you're a train buff. You can ride in a train pulled by a steam engine at the …


A trip back in time with Thomas and the Strasburg Railroad

There was a time in my life when trains, specifically Thomas trains, were more than just a mode of transportation. They were members of our family. We told stories about them, built tracks and houses for them, watched the videos and sang the songs …