Preferred Family Three Days In

Three days in Hawaii with kids and Preferred Family: Win a $100 Visa gift card

The winner of the gift card is Jennifer, who said she would use her $100 to visit Vail. Thanks for participating everyone! A visit to Hawaii with kids is one of my top travel dreams. And when I have a travel dream, I like to make a travel plan to …

Kilauea Iki crater

Dreaming of a perfect day with kids in Hawaii

Today I feel fortunate to share a post from Anne Patrone of 500 Places With Kids. I love this story not just because it is about Hawaii - a place I've never visited and dream about perennially - but because Anne describes the kind of serendipitous …

View from Maui to Lanai Hawaii

Mondays are for dreaming: Oahu or Maui? It’s hard to choose

The nice thing about Monday dreaming is that expense and geography are irrelevant. For example, today I woke up thinking of a Hawaiian vacation. Now, I have only the most tentative plan to go to Hawaii (as part of a long trip that is still basically …