Dreaming of

When I’m not traveling, I like nothing better than to think about places I’ve been or places I’d like to go. The posts listed here include all of my “Mondays are for dreaming” posts; hopefully they will inspire a few family travel daydreams of your own. You can filter posts by keyword or browse chronologically.

Sustainable Harvest Honduras

Passports with Purpose: Help in Honduras, win a stay in Vermont

Do you keep lists of places you want to visit but haven’t yet? I do. Some of them are on there because of a book I read or a painting I love; others have a dessert that is just calling my name (you had me at guten tag, apple strudel). There are …

Panama City Beach Shells

Planning a Panama City Beach family vacation

You might think that because summer is winding down the time for family vacation planning is over. But I’m a believer in perennially thinking about where we might go next. I even like to think about hypothetical trips, dreaming of a place where I …

Basin Harbor sundae

Summer dreaming: The Basin Harbor Club

Tomorrow is the last day of school and I'm not sure who is more excited - me or the kids. Summer and all its possibilities stretches before us like golden magic. Chocolate ice cream. Movie theater darkness. Bike rides on dirt roads. Evenings on the …

Taipei night market

Taipei with kids: Guest post from the author of Family on the Loose

Have you been to Asia with kids? I haven't and can't wait to do so. Until that happens, the next best thing for me is to read the adventures of my fellow travel bloggers. Today I'm please to offer a guest post from Bill Richards, a wandering dad who …

Woodstock Inn and Resort Pool

Spas and family vacations: The perfect combination

Imagine this: You walk up to a desk, where a single orchid in a simple vase greets you with a fuchsia smile. You are handed a robe and a pair of soft slippers and led through a heavy door and down a quiet hallway. All that you hear is the sound of …