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I’m going to Haiti

I’m going to Haiti! I have to keep typing those words to actually believe that they are true. But they are – on Sunday morning I’ll be heading down there for a very quick trip to visit the site of one of the two wells is helping build with the money raised by the 2012 Passports With Purpose travel blogging fundraiser. So if you’re one of the hundreds of people who donated to make that happen, I’ll be your eyes and ears as I learn about how the well was built and what it means for the people of the community. My colleague Beth Whitman and I will be there for the inauguration of one of the wells.

Do I feel incredibly privileged? You bet. I know that with only two days to visit I’ll get a mere glimpse of what life there is like, but it’s my hope that even a glimpse will allow me to understand the country and culture in at least a small way. And for the first time since, I don’t know the Paelolithic Era maybe, I’m not bringing a computer or even an iPad on this trip. I’m hoping to be just fully in the moment, recording my impressions the old-school way with pencil and paper (and of course the more modern approach of taking photos with my phone).

If you have any questions that you’d like answered about or the work they are doing in Haiti I hope you’ll share them in the comments here, on the Passports With Purpose Facebook page, or on Twitter using the hashtag #PWPHaiti. Many, many, many thanks are due to Expedia for sponsoring both the fundraiser and the Passports With Purpose trip to Haiti.

I know I haven’t been around here much this week, and the first half of next week will be a bit more of the same. But when I come back from Haiti, I’ll be sharing all the details from my trip, finishing up my Parisian stories, and also offering a wealth of ideas and stories for summer travel, including a return to Chincoteague and a preview of what we’ll be up to in July and August.

But for now: I’m going to Haiti to see, listen, and learn.

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  1. Congrats on the new well! I can’t wait to read about your trip!

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