Postcards from the road: Northstar bear

This bear was snuffling around in a meadow near Northstar California Ski Resort

We’ve been at the Northstar California Ski Resort since Monday evening (we should have arrived midday on Monday but thanks to mechanical problems with our plane, the journey took an epic 19-hours door to door) and have been enjoying not just spring skiing conditions but relaxing together in the Northstar Village where we are staying courtesy of the resort. There are many things to like here, not least of which is the spectacular scenery. Even though it rained on Thursday, we still had a great time swimming in the heated outdoor pool, driving into charming Truckee and poking around, and playing Bananagrams.

On the drive back from Truckee, we noticed some cars pulled off to the side of Route 267 leading up to the resort. When we stopped to see what was going on, we discovered that the occupants were busy watching this bear shuffle his way slowly through the meadow. I’m pretty sure most Californians wouldn’t be too impressed (or perhaps they’d be more inclined to shake their fists at the bear, since these animals have a bad habit of getting into the trash around here) but we don’t have bears in Delaware so it was pretty exciting for us.

Today is our last day of skiing both here at Northstar and for the 2013 season. We’re planning to make the most of late-season conditions, particularly by spending some time in the Burton Progression Park, which offers kids – and grownups – who like to catch some air a way to start small. I’m also looking forward to making Tommy roller skate with me at the rink in the middle of the village this afternoon.

Next week I’ll continue my April in Paris series with tips for eating out with kids and the story of our visit to the Louvre. Have a great weekend.

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