Encountering the Powhatan in Jamestown

Warm and cozy wrapped in furs in the Powhatan village at the Jamestown Settlement Museum

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Happy Friday and Happy February. Don’t the boys look cozy in this picture? It was taken at the Jamestown Settlement Museum where we got to explore a hands-on Powhatan village as well as dress up like English settlers. I can’t wait to share the entire story of our recent trip to Williamsburg next week. But first, here’s this week’s round up of travel items I’m reading and thinking about:

Seven words to describe Thailand with kids – do any of these surprise you?

If I could pop myself and the boys on a plane to Paris for the weekend I’d book us a room at Le Bristol – look at that pool! (Hey, while I’m fantasizing, I can imagine us staying anywhere I want right?)

Have you checked out MiniTime? I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this new family travel planning tool to see how it develops as more people contribute.

I always love the photographs (and everything else) at Snaps & Blabs – right now they are in Spain and I’m just crazy for all the soft colors.

This weekend we will be checking out history and art in Dover, our state capital. Did you know that Delaware is the only state where the capital is not accessible via Interstate highway?

And finally, did you enjoy my Smarter Family Travel series? I hope so. I plan to periodically add to it throughout 2013 but next week will be moving on to a new theme for the next month. Hope you’ll come back on Monday to see what that theme is and also to check out a really super giveaway that I’ll be running all next week.

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  1. says

    Thanks for sharing our post, Mara! To be honest, we expected that most of those words would fit our experiences in Thailand. The one that we were pleasantly surprised to include, however, would be “clean”. Thais seems to take a great deal of pride in the cleanliness of their cities, right down to (most of) the street market stalls.

    While air quality is still a major issue this time of year (dry season) as farmers continue to follow the practice of field burning to avoid the use of expensive and harmful pesticides, the government seems to be making strides even in this area with public service announcements educating the people on respiratory illness, etc.

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