A bit of Friday relaxation in Bordeaux

Enjoying the Bordeaux 2012 Fete le Vin

Ah, it’s Friday. Bet you wish you had a bottle of French wine this big. Matt snapped this photo of me at the 2012 Fête le Vin in Bordeaux – a festival that we basically stumbled upon and which proved to be a serendipitous highlight of our trip to the south of France. Which was a good thing, because some of that visit was a bit less serendipitous and decidedly didn’t involve wine.

In the past, I’ve often shared photo posts on Friday, and I’ve decided that in 2013 the last day of the work week would also make a great time to list travel items I’ve been reading and thinking about all week as well as what I’ve been up to elsewhere. Here are a few things:

-I was so inspired this week by Carol at Girl Gone Travel when she talked about what travel does for her kids. My favorite line in this post? “My son doesn’t see the world as small and limited as I once did. He believes that there is a way to get there, even if it might take time.”

-My friend Keryn is in Hawaii with her two little ones. I’ve never been and am really enjoying her Kauai photos on Facebook and on her site. Also: she has some great tips from other travel bloggers about how to save up and budget for your next vacation.

-A group of my friends and I got together and made some suggestions for downhill skiing destinations for families. And once you’ve got that vacation booked, don’t miss this great list of tips for planning and executing a family ski vacation.

-I also worked with some blogging friends to suggest location ideas for family spring break travel.

Looking to next week, I’ll be sharing my travel plans for 2013 and will also be picking up the story of our trip to France last summer, which I started and left incomplete in 2012. And throughout this month there will also be more of my Smarter Family Travel series including the reintroduction of my family travel questions, an interview with the authors of Family on the Loose, and some pretty great additions to the Resources section of my site.

And finally, this weekend I have a family meeting planned to talk about our upcoming travel schedule. You see, I realized recently how little input I’ve been seeking from my co-travelers. It’s time for me to stop being such a bossy boots: Everyone is going to have a chance to voice his opinion about some of our upcoming travel. I’m looking forward to hearing what the boys have to say about it.

(P.S. Can you believe that this marks my 700th post on this site? Me neither! Check out the first post I ever wrote – I was a women with a plan then! It’s time to get back to my roots.)

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