Top tips for choosing a ski vacation rental

I’m a fan of staying in a condo or house when my family takes a ski vacation. Since skiing requires a lot of gear, a standard hotel room may feel like even more of a squeeze than usual. And there’s something really nice about hanging out in your long underwear after a long day spent wearing all those layers.

So what should you look for when choosing a place to say with your family on your next ski trip?

Proximity to the mountain. The closer you are to the slopes, the more time you can spend on them – it’s as simple as that.  And if you’ve got younger kids who might not make it through an entire day of skiing, it’s nice to be able to easily duck back to your home base.

Skiing gates at Mad River Glen

A stocked kitchen. Although I certainly don’t cook all of our meals when we take a ski vacation, it’s nice to have the option of even throwing together some quick pizzas or spaghetti. And appliances like a toaster and coffee maker are key because eating breakfast in will certainly give you more time to ski and make it easier not to be late for ski school.

A washer and drier. Downhill skiing can be a surprisingly dirty and wet sport. My kids seem to find the mud puddles in the parking lot even when it’s really cold out. And nothing is worst first thing in the morning than discovering that the inside of your ski mittens are wet.

Equipment storage. It’s nice to have a ski locker or mudroom where you can stow all your gear so you don’t have a pile of wet skis and boots inside your living space. I also like to have lots of pegs where we can hang our coats and ski pants up.

Lobby at The Springs Keystone Resort, Colorado

Space to relax and play in. We’ve really enjoyed staying in condos where there’s some kind of communal area, either a pool, a fire pit, or a just a nice game room. Not only does this give you some room to move, it

A few other amenities that aren’t critical but are sure nice to have: Some board games and packs of cards just in case your kids are up for a family game night, a tub to soak sore muscles in, and covered parking so you don’t have to shovel out your car each morning.

What kind of accommodations do you look for when you’re taking a ski vacation with your kids?

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This post was written in conjunction with my relationship with Mountain Reservations as one of its Mountain Ambassadors.

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