Breakfast of champions in Warren, Vermont

Hostel Tevere in Warren, Vermont

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When you spend all day outside in the fresh air, climbing mountains, swimming in icy cold river water, or riding your bike up and down winding dirt roads, you need to fuel up first with a solid breakfast. (And don’t even get me started about how much my children need to eat before a day on the slopes in the winter.) That’s why summer and winter I’m always sniffing out the best breakfast joints. In Warren, Vermont, which is in the Mad River Valley my new favorite is the Hostel Tevere.

Tevere is set back from the road in a classic white Vermont farmhouse that belies a stylish interior painted bright colors and full of art.

The reception at Hostel Tevere is bright green.

There's art - and homey touches - everywhere at Hostel Tevere

There’s lots of awesomeness here – friendly service and unlimited cups of really good fair-trade coffee for instance. Not to mention local eggs, bread, produce, and meat. And, perhaps most importantly, lots of pitchers of maple syrup.

The regular menu offers all the basic combinations of eggs and pancakes you could desire, breakfast burritos, and yogurt and granola, as well as Tevere Toast, which is stuffed with cream cheese and fresh fruit and then coated with crunchy deliciousness.

Tevere Toast is a house speciality.

On our last visit, Tommy and Matt ordered off the specials menu, enjoying lemon ricotta pancakes and eggs Benedict respectively. The former were a revelation – lighter than any pancake I’ve ever tried, with just the right amount of citrus.

Lemon ricotta pancakes were light and delicious.

The eggs Benedict was also a riff on tradition, with pesto in the hollandaise sauce and hash in the place of Canadian bacon. Salty goodness.

Eggs Benedict with pesto hollandaise and hash. Yum!

The dining room is large and light filled, and next to it is a cozy bar with plenty of kitsch that the boys liked looking at. I won’t say the fact that we discovered that Tevere is an “Official Packer Establishment” skewed our view in favor of their food, but it certainly didn’t hurt.

Hostel Tevere is an "Official Packers Establishment"

Tevere is also a hostel in the European model, with affordable, dormitory-style rooms that share bathrooms and a couple of suites for up to four people that have private baths. I’ve only seen the common areas, but if the décor in the rooms are as hip as the rest of it, they are both fun and comfortable.

I really like the vibe at Tevere, and especially look forward to checking it out for après-ski drinks and munchies this winter. Starting this week, they will be offering a new and eclectic dinner menu from 6 to 10 p.m. on Wednesday to Saturday nights.

So if you’re in Warren, Vermont on a weekend Sunday or holiday Monday morning (Labor and Columbus Day) this fall go to Tevere and have some breakfast please. Tell them I sent you. And ask them to open their doors more often! We all need to build up our strength this ski season.

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This post was written in conjunction with my relationship with Mountain Reservations as one of its Mountain Ambassadors.

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  1. says

    I am finally getting caught up on your posts. Thank you for bringing me back to my Vermont days. As much as I love it out here in Colorado I truly miss Vermont, especially this time of year. I wish I could take this breakfast off the screen and into my kitchen!!!

    • says

      It definitely shows you how great Vermont is if you miss it from where you live :) – I agree though, I could use a breakfast like this myself. Sometimes I think the point of my blog is just to give me a chance to browse back to all the places I love while I’m sitting at my desk – and to make myself hungry.

  2. says

    Those pancakes look divine! Looking forward to having a read of more of your recent posts. I’ve had so little time for blogging recently with two wee ones to run around after. The boys are in bed now and I could really go some of those pancakes…. :)

    • says

      So nice to “see” you again! It is hard to blog when you’ve got two little ones. And really, shouldn’t there be pancakes for moms of toddlers and babies? Maybe that’s an idea for a new business – at-home evening breakfast delivery for parents.

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