Vermont with kids: Water play at the Montshire Musem of Science

Vermont with kids: Water play at the Montshire Museum of Science

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Much of our time in Vermont with kids is spent outside in nature swimming in rivers and lakes, hiking up mountains, or biking along dirt roads. But sometimes in August it gets a little hot and muggy (even here!) and we want to head for a cool indoors spot. The Montshire Museum of Science is the perfect place for that kind of adventure with four floors of interactive, hands-on exhibits. We spent several hours exploring  giant bubble machines, feeding turtles, learning how gears work (and then building simple machines with them), and even discovering how to identify poison ivy – an extremely useful skill around these parts.

By then, we had cooled off enough to think about stepping out into the steam bath of an afternoon, especially since one of the main areas of the 100-acre outdoor science park behind the museum is full of different ways to play in water. Kids can learn how water moves, what water pressure does, and even what sounds water makes. Or, they can just enjoy the feel of it on their hands and feet. That’s my kind of learning environment.

This post is part of my Postcards from the Road, Summer 2012 series, where I’ve been sharing short pictorial posts of our adventures from the road, with more detailed stories to come later. We’ve already been to Switzerland and France – do you think that New England can compare? Check out for yourself and see.

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