An enumerated end-of-summer list

Jumping into the Mad River, Vermont

Please click on photo for full-size version.

Seven miles up and down a 4000-foot mountain

Fifteen different types of Bordeaux wine

Three completely new-to-me cities explored

One lost (and then found) suitcase

Four maple creemees

One hundred meters climbed to the top of Europe’s highest sand dune

Two castles – one of them not quite what it was supposed to be

Numerous 14,000-year-old cave paintings (or at least accurate replicas thereof)

One case of swimmer’s ear

Approximately 75 miles biked

Two carousels, one pony, and one Ferris wheel

One million people pushed past for a photograph in front of the Mona Lisa

Uncounted jumps off a large rock into the Mad River

How was your summer?

(School started yesterday and I’m recovering from a stomach bug. I expect to be fully back in action on Monday with a more regular posting schedule, including a guest post about Costa Rica, the remaining story of our trip to France, a return to a weekly travel question on Thursdays, and lots and lots of posts about the upcoming ski season. Have a great weekend!)


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