Monday dreaming: Costa Rica surf camp means family fun

A Costa Rica surf vacation isn’t something I’d ever considered before, but after reading this dreamy account from my new friend Emily Bradbury, I knew I had to add it to my list of family adventures to try. Emily lives in Vermont, but she and her family have been to Costa Rica twice – and judging by her fabulous description of the Peaks N’ Swells camp, I’m pretty sure they will be back. Thanks for the guest post Emily – and for the Monday morning inspiration.

I knew that Peaks N’ Swells Family Surf Camp in Costa Rica was going to be different from the very first afternoon we arrived. That’s because the children’s activities director took one look at my boys, aged 6 and 8, and ditched her planned craft activity in favor of an impromptu coconut tree climbing competition. She then followed us down to the beach so that she could get a sense of my comfort level around the boys in the ocean. This same kind of attention and personalization occurred at every turn during our stay at Peaks N’ Swells. From the incredible surf instruction to the fresh family-style meals, it was exactly the kind of experience we had hoped for.

Kids learn fast at Peaks N' Swells

We decided on this Costa Rica for the same reasons many people decide on Costa Rica—abundant wildlife, beautiful beaches, and a sense of authenticity that other destinations can’t seem to match. We decided on a Costa Rica surf camp because we loved the idea of learning something new with our kids. I’m a big believer that you can’t really feel a part of a place until you’re truly in it. I grew up in the mountains, and they are lovely to look at, but until you’ve poured your sweat into a trail, felt the air change at a certain altitude, and stood on top of the summit, you can’t really appreciate the majesty of that mountain. Surfing allowed us that same opportunity in Costa Rica.

Can you believe Emily never surfed before?

Every day was an adventure. Following a huge Costa Rican breakfast of scrambled eggs, gallo pinto, fresh fruit salad, and Costa Rican coffee, our surf instructors took us to different breaks around the Nicoya Peninsula. Thanks to truly exceptional instruction, everyone in the family was up and riding waves the very first day! The kids were naturals, of course, and enjoyed watching me practice something ten times that they mastered on the first try. By the end of the week though, my husband and I were surfing chest-high green waves It was an absolutely magical experience and one that hooked us on the sport for life.

Even the kids get in on the yoga at Peaks N' Swells

Daily yoga on the patio was the perfect complement to our surf excursions. While my husband and I stretched our sore muscles, the kids would wander the property picking mangos, looking for iguanas, and watching howler monkeys swing through the trees. Or someone from camp would appear for a pick up game of soccer on the beach, an excursion to the turtle sanctuary, or a trip into town for a gelato or fruit smoothie. Some days, my youngest son would join us for yoga and Dagmar, our instructor, would work in all kinds of challenging poses that he would proudly pop into with ease.

Most evenings we opted to stay at camp for dinner. There are some wonderful restaurants in Montezuma, but none that can compare to Nora’s fish tacos and arroz con leche. Each villa also has a kitchen, but we were so glad to have Nora cooking for us at the end of a long day. My youngest, who probably likes fewer than ten foods, actually tried fried plantains and empanadas, and both were big hits. Long massages and relaxing time with my family are wonderful luxuries, but the best vacations for me are the ones where I don’t have to cook or clean.

Hanging out around an evening bonfire in Costa Rica

We did make an effort to explore the area a bit, although the temptation to stay at camp in the hands of our very capable hosts was compelling. One afternoon we hiked to the Montezuma Waterfall, and swung from a rope swing into the crystal cool water. On our day off from surfing, we took the kids by boat out to Tortuga Island, where we snorkeled and collected shells along with white sand beaches. On the way home, our captain spent twenty minutes following a group of playful spotted dolphins as they jumped through the water. This was one of the most memorable moments of the trip for the boys.

Our Costa Rica surf trip was truly everything we had hoped—it was educational, authentic, and  most of all, fun. We booked our return trip shortly after arriving home to Vermont and enjoyed year two every bit as much. Costa Rica has become a part of our life, working its way into my children’s poems and art projects at school. More importantly, it reaffirmed our belief that our children’s education is as much about their view of the world as it is about reading, writing and arithmetic. Costa Rica was our first family adventure, but it surely won’t be the last.

To learn more about booking a Costa Rica surf trip at Peaks N’ Swells, visit the website, email, or call U.S. phone number 604-967-2117

Emily Bradbury and her surfing family Emily Bradbury lives, works, and plays in the green mountains of Vermont with her husband and two boys. She hopes to experience as much of the world as she can with her children before they leave the nest to embark on their own adventures.

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    • Emily Bradbury says

      Kara, Mara speaks so highly of you and your site! I would love to talk with you more about Peaks N’ Swells and introduce you to the owner. It’s a fantastic trip.

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