So just what’s atop Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris?

Gargoyle atop Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

Please click on picture for a full size image.

This fellow for starters. I like how from this angle it looks like he’s about to chomp the Eiffel Tower.

I had expected to get up close and personal with the gargoyles at the top of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, but what I wasn’t aware of was the chance to stand right by one of the bells as well. Between that and the views, it’s worth the inevitable wait in line to ascend.

For Photo Friday at Delicious Baby and also my Postcards from the Road, Summer 2012 series. This will be my last blog “postcard” – next week I’ll start sharing the full story of our two weeks in Switzerland and France. In the meantime, I hope you have a great weekend.


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    That’s a great angle with him about to bite off the Eiffel Tower. I’m really disappointed we didn’t make the effort to climb up there when we were in Paris in February. But it was a cold windy day and the kids just wanted to go somewhere warm and indoors with croissants!

  2. says

    When we were there a few weeks ago, we were very disappointed when we headed to get in line… and they put out a line closed sign! I think it was only about 4:30. It looks like we missed an amazing experience! We’ll just have to go back some day.

    • says

      Dana, thank you for leaving this comment, which led me to do a bit of poking around. The Towers are actually managed by the French Center for National Monuments and not the cathedral. On their website, it says that the towers are open daily from 4/1 until 9/30 from 10 until 6:30, until 11 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays in July and August. From 10/1 to 3/31 the towers are open until 5:30. The last admission is 45 minutes before closing.

      However it also says “Opening times are subject to change” so I wonder if for some reason the towers closed early the day you were there. In any event, checking this page before visiting is probably a good idea:

      I’ll be writing a full post about tour visit there and will include more details – I appreciate you tipping me off to this possibility.

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