Best of France: So we went to a museum in Paris…

Liberty Leading the People at the Louvre Museum in Paris

I often extol the virtues of visiting art museums with kids but I had to call my own bluff on our recent trip to France. You see, for all my art museum enthusiasm, for all that I’ve probably been to just about every other museum in Paris, I had never been to the Louvre. There’s a long story behind the whys and wherefores of this, but what it basically came down to was the intimidation factor.

And I won’t lie. The Louvre is overwhelming.

However, we emerged victorious, much like Lady Liberty is in this iconic painting by Delacroix. I’ll tell the full story later, but for now, rest assured that we did indeed visit a famous lady named Mona as all good tourists in Paris are supposed to do.

This post is part of my Postcards from the Road, Summer 2012 series, where I’ll be sharing short pictorial posts of our adventures in Europe. (Full disclosure: I’m actually back in the U.S., but apparently all of my postcards didn’t make it over here before I did. You can expect to see them on the site through this week. Then I’ll be diving into our adventures in detail.)


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  1. says

    We were in Paris last mont and had to see the Mona Lisa, too. What a crowd! We went the first day… Before we’d slept. We missed seeing so man things, but it is huge!!

    • says

      Huge is a good word to describe it. Vast also works! I think I would have had trouble focusing at all if I had been jet lagged, so I admire you for taking on that challenge.

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