Best of France: Ponies in Le Jardin du Luxembourg

Pony ride in le Jardin du Luxembourg.

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I’ve written before about how le Jardin du Luxembourg is one of my all-time favorite happy places. Little has changed in the four years since I’ve been back – this lovely open-air living room for the city of Paris is still a place that can bring tears of joys to my eyes. We headed there shortly after our arrival and spent a good three hours enjoying the playground, sailboats in the fountain, and pony rides. I don’t know what trees are blooming in June to make the air so sweetly perfumed (and I’m not being lazy, as I’ve tried to find out to no avail, so if any of you know, please tell me in the comments below) but I’m pretty sure that when I’m greeted at the pearly gates and walk through them, a summer scene in front of the Luxembourg Palace is what’s going to greet me.

And ideally it will be complete with a seven-year-old Teddy riding a pony and chatting with the sweet Australian girl on the next horse.

This post is part of my Postcards from the Road, Summer 2012 series, where I’ll be sharing short pictorial posts of our adventures in Europe from the road. Tomorrow I’ll show you what Paris looks like from the back of a bicycle.


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  1. What a great photo! I love Luxembourg Gardens too but visiting in the winter meant that we missed pony rides and sailing boats – would love to be there in the summer to enjoy all the great activities!

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