Best of France: Ice cream in Paris

Berthillon ice cream, pears, and pain perdu Please click photos to see full-size versions.

Trust me, you want to eat this. What is it? Well, let’s start with the pain perdu – literally translated as “lost bread,” this is a chewy yet light French toast (Oh that we could all be lost so happily). It is accompanied by sautéed pears and salted butter caramel ice cream and sauce.

Where might you sample such a delight? My very favorite ice cream shop in Paris tucked into the heart of the Ile Saint-Louis. We always makes stops at Berthillon for ice cream cones, but on this visit decided to sit down in their mirrored little salon next door. Now it is twice as expensive than ordering from the window. But you’ll have the added pleasure of enjoying your ice cream in old-fashioned silver dishes.

A silver dish of ice cream at Berthillon is a lovely treat

You might also try the Belle Helene, which in addition to the pears and ice cream served in my dessert comes topped with homemade chocolate sauce and lots of creme Chantilly.

La Belle Helene at Berthillon in Paris, France

Elegance aside, I threatened to lick my plate. This was as close as I was brave enough to get.

Here I am *not* licking my pate in Paris

This post is part of my Postcards from the Road, Summer 2012 series, where I’ll be sharing short pictorial posts of our adventures in Europe. (Full disclosure: I’m actually back in the U.S., but apparently all of my postcards didn’t make it over here before I did. You can expect to see them on the site through this week. Then I’ll be diving into our adventures in detail.) I also share it as part of Wanderfood Wednesday, where perhaps you can find something savory to go along with these sweets.




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