The first time I saw the Golden Gate Bridge

Under the Golden Gate Bridge

The trip I took with Matt last week was, despite all of my previous journeying, one of many firsts. It was my first cruise (much to the surprise of my fellow passengers who to a person called us “newbies”). It was also the first time I visited San Francisco. Perhaps the best part about this was waking up at 5:30 a.m. (and yes, there was a perverse pleasure in getting up that early on vacation not on account of a child) to not only see the Golden Gate Bridge for the first time, but to sail right under it. That’s right – we were literally feet away from the bottom of the bridge on the top deck of the ship; it felt close enough to touch. It felt close enough that for a brief nervous moment we wondered if the ship’s smoke stack would actually fit underneath.

Will the ship fit under the Golden Gate Bridge?

Alcatraz in the early morning

The San Francisco skyline from the water

And then the San Francisco skyline came into view, and a purple and misty Alcatraz. I saw the steep and empty streets and the Ghiradelli sign illuminated against the pale morning sky and thought to myself, “there really isn’t anything like arriving at a new city by boat.” It’s an old-fashioned pleasure that I’ve now decided each of us should experience, at least once. Maybe in San Francisco.

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    Sailing into port is one of my favourite parts of a cruise – with the excitement building as the city gets closer and closer and familiar landmarks come into view! “An old-fashioned pleasure” is the perfect way to describe the feeling. Hope you enjoyed your first cruise!

  2. says

    How exciting! My husband and I are planning a couple of nights in San Francisco next year! This just makes me more excited about it! It will be my first time to see the Golden Gate Bridge as well!

  3. says

    What an exciting way to see the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco for the first time! It really is a glorious city. And how nice to have such a special trip with your husband.

  4. says

    Love love love cruising. I have never been to San Fran but would love to visit soon. My favorite port to sail into is Istanbul. The sun glints off the domes of the sacred buildings. It is unlike anything I have ever seen.

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