Best of Switzerland: Hiking in Verbier

Hiking in Verbier, Switzerland is beyond beautiful

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Actually, “hiking” may not quite be an accurate description. It was more of a Sunday stroll than a hike. But I’d still include the day in my best of Switzerland list for all that it contained. Serious aerobic exercise may not have been part of the experience, but fields of glorious wildflowers, a fondue lunch where the cheese was graced with chopped up chantarelle mushrooms, chalets, brown furry cows wearing enormous bells that clanged like they belonged in a cathedral, and of course constant views of white-capped mountains were.

And best of all there were new friends who after two days already felt like old ones. We are learning on this trip that when a visit means not only seeing new places but deepening friendships and meeting new people, our experience is so much richer.

This post is part of my Postcards from the Road, Summer 2012 series, where I’ll be sharing short pictorial posts of our adventures in Europe. Tomorrow we say “Bonjour!” to France.

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