Best of France: Exploring St Emilion

These alleys in St Emilion are called "tertres" in French - but only there.

St Emilion, which is a mere 45-minute drive from Bordeaux, is home to many things for such a small town. The things to which I refer include world-famous wines, an incredible underground church that was actually carved out of the limestone on (in?) which it stands, the remains of a 16th-century timbered house, a hermitage, the original macaron cookie, and more gorgeous weathered buildings than you can shake a stick at. But perhaps the most enjoyable thing about this town for children is exploring the narrow, steep alleys called tertres, a name unique to the town.  The paving stones you see in the picture came over on English ships, which used them as ballast and then returned home full of wine.

This post is part of my Postcards from the Road, Summer 2012 series, where I’ll be sharing short pictorial posts of our adventures in Europe. More adventures from Bordeaux and beyond to follow, including our visit to the largest sand dune in Europe and my most spectacular travel fail yet.

For Photo Friday at Delicious Baby. Have a great weekend.

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