Family attractions in Philadelphia: Fun in Franklin Square

Franklin Square has perhaps always been intended as one of the family attractions in Philadelphia; it is one of five original public parks in Philadelphia created by William Penn himself. It’s also said to be the site where Benjamin Franklin conducted his famous experiment with a kite, a key, and some lightening (in fact a large silver sculpture nearby pays homage to that story).

Ben Franklin's key and kite Noguchi statue near Franklin Square, Philadelphia

But I’m guessing that if your kids are like mine, they won’t care all that much about either of these facts. That’s because Franklin Square is a full of the kind of family fun that is a dream come true for kids and parents alike, especially after a day spent in more educational endeavors like a visit to Independence Hall.

What I like about Franklin Square is that there’s fun here for kids of varying ages. There’s a large, well-appointed, shaded playground where kids can tear around and get their wiggles out.

The equipment here is pretty mod;

Playground in Franklin Square

even grown-up kids might want to get in on the act.

The playground in Franklin Square, Philadelphia is fun for all ages

Younger children will love the beautiful carousel, which offers them a variety of animals to ride on, including Teddy’s choice, which I can only guess is a cross between a horse and a dragon.

Riding the carousel in Franklin Square, Philadelphia

And then there’s that amusement beloved of little children and teens alike (at least if your teens are like me and my friends were) a mini-golf course. The course in Franklin Square is especially appealing for visitors to Philly because the holes are decorated with famous landmarks from around the city. You can knock a ball along Elfreth’s alley, said to be the oldest residential street in America,

Philadelphia mini golf in Franklin Square includes Elfreth's Alley

or through the famous Love statue that adorns Fairmount Park,

Playing mini golf through the LOVE statue in Philadelphia's Franklin Square

or up the steps to the Philadelphia Art Museum, made famous in the movie Rocky.

Golfing up the steps of the Art Museum in Philadelphia's Franklin Square

And where else would you expect to finish your round than at the Liberty Bell?

Mini golf in Franklin Square: The last hole is the Liberty Bell

Other bonus attractions here include a lovely fountain, so enticing on a hot, muggy summer day and the Square Burger stand where in addition to gourmet hamburgers, you can get a milkshake stuffed with ice cream and Tasty Kakes, which are a Philly institution in themselves.

The fountain in the center of Franklin Square, Philadelphia

Franklin Square is an easy walk from all of the attractions around Independence Hall and there are public bathrooms available.

Want more of my Philadelphia tips, including a video of that mini-golf course? Be sure to visit my Philadelphia Expedia Kids in the City page.

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    We are planning on going to Philadelphia this fall for the first time. Thanks for all the photos and information!!! It’ll come in handy. And, that miniature golf course looks GREAT!

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