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Family Travel Sites I Love badge There really isn’t anyone else out there like Wendy Perrin. Yes, she is the Director of Consumer News and Digital Community for Condé Nast Traveler. Yes, for 15 years she has written the The Perrin Report, a travel deal and advice column for that magazine. And yes, you can sign up for her monthly newsletter The Perrin Postcard to get the inside scoop on all kinds of travel deals. But what I love most about Wendy is that she also is a mom to two boys – Charlie and Doug – whom she takes with her to all kinds of fabulous destinations. Wendy reports about their experiences – the good and the bad – for the rest of us at The Perrin Post, her blog for the Condé Nast Traveler website.

Wendy knows just about everything to do with travel, but is a particularly good resource for families who cruise – she’s been on many cruises with her own family and has tons of advice for experienced and newbie cruisers alike. Her sensible post published as a reaction to the Costa Concordia disaster in early 2012 should be required reading for anyone preparing to get on a boat.

Another favorite feature of mine is the input Wendy gets from her two sons, who are clearly growing up to be just a savvy as she is. For example, in a series she wrote about her families top 12 favorite resorts, they share their opinions about everything from the sailing school at The Tides Inn (“I kept getting bumped in the head because when the wind wasn’t blowing, the boom would swerve around and hit me”) to the  water park at the Atlantis Resort (“At Atlantis the little kids have their own section with their own water slides, which means the bigger kids get more thrilling slides that they can enjoy”). Reading her blog is like sitting down with an extremely knowledgeable friend who is helping you plan your next vacation.

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