Suitcases and Sippy Cups

Family Travel Sites I Love badge This site has it all: A friendly and funny voice courtesy of writer and homeschooling mom Jessica who has four adorable boys and an eye for detail; great stories and tips; and a positive and inspiring message that yes, family travel is for you.

Ironically, some of my favorite posts on this site have to do with the snafus that every traveling parent encounters; in particular her hilarious-because-it’s-true description of the first day of her family’s summer vacation is a gem that I return to whenever I start to feel like I’ve had a bad travel day. I also feel completely inspired by her meditation on traveling with a special needs child. Yet her candid admission that traveling with kids “won’t always be sunny, or fun, or easy” is immediately followed with an equal insistence that it is always worth it.

Jessica and her family are preparing to leave on an open-ended tour of the United States later this year – I can’t wait to go along for the ride.


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