A return to Paris and blogging at Room 77

Playground behind Notre Dame in Paris

I’m thinking quite a bit about Paris today, as I often do. It is my go-to happy place, site of what was perhaps our very best family vacation yet. And when I think of Paris I of course think of food. This photo brings back happy memories of both, as Teddy is enjoying the playground behind Notre Dame, his shirt and face coated with chocolate ice cream from Berthillon on the Ile Saint Louis.

Next week I’ll be writing more about both Paris and food – planning our trip there next summer and also sharing some thoughts I’ve been having lately about what my kids eat when we’re on the road.

Room 77 logo In the meantime, I thought you might enjoy checking out my latest online venture: Blogging for the Room Confidential blog at Room 77.  They offer a weekly feature called Family Fridays and I’m going to be one of the family travel bloggers offering tips and insights. Last Friday I wrote there about making the most of road trips.

So what is Room 77 anyway? It’s a hotel booking site that consolidates searches from other travel sites. Since I’m going to be writing for them, I decided to try out the merchandise and recently used it to book a slew of rooms for our spring travel (I found places to stay in Denver, San Diego, and Vancouver). I can say that I’m impressed both with the ease of use (no pop-ups or ads in the interface is such a bonus) and with the variety of hotels to choose from. They offer lots of information on the hotels including floor maps and views and a list of prices at various sites for comparison. They also promise through their free concierge service to deliver on requests for things like an over-sized room or no street noise. I’ll let you know how that turns out once I’ve gone on some of these trips, but even before I do I’d definitely recommend checking out the site the next time you need to book a hotel.

Have a great weekend!

Full disclosure: Although I am being compensated to write for Room 77, they didn’t ask me to use their site to book hotel rooms or pay me for this post; my opinions about their product are my own and are based on actually using it.

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    Love the picture of Teddy in the playground! We’re doing a fair bit of dreaming about Paris and food here too – Emma has been walking around for a few days now saying “Mmmmmm, fromage”! Looking forward to reading your posts on Room 77.

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