Breakfast and books in Beantown

We’re a breakfast-loving family, so much so that we often eat that meal twice when we’re on the road – once in our hotel room at whatever ridiculously early hour the boys decide to rise – and then again later in the morning once we’ve headed out to explore. Since we often skip a sit-down lunch in favor of a snack on the go, this “second breakfast” is an important meal. My criteria for it are fairly straightforward: It needs to be big. It needs to be good. And it never hurts when the bacon is fine and the coffee finer.

Trident Booksellers and Café in Boston met all of my expectations and then some. For one thing, I love the ambiance. On one side there’s a bustling counter with a bunch of booths and a long communal table at the back.

Counter at Trident Booksellers and Cafe in Boston

On the other, well, there’s this:

Checking out the merchandise at Trident Booksellers

A carefully curated selection of books and magazines. So carefully curated, in fact, that the people who choose and sell them have their own bios on Trident’s staff page (one of them contains the word absquatulated – I’m not sure whether that’s a selling point or not).

But back to the food. As I mentioned, it met all my requirements, particularly with regards to portion size. The boys started out their meals with Mango Tango smoothies, containing mango, orange juice, honey, and vanilla ice cream. Finally! We found a place where we can ice cream and bacon at the same meal!

Mango Tango smoothie at Trident Cafe in Boston

I ordered the Eggs Benedict with avocado. I think I may still have some leftovers tucked away somewhere.

Eggs Benedict at Trident Bookseller Cafe

And Matt had the elegantly named Potato Chuckwagon.

Potato Chuckwagon at Trident Booksellers Cafe

I know this looks innocent, but under those fried eggs lies a mass of shredded potato, cheddar cheese, chorizo, onions, and peppers.

The Trident is a busy place, especially on weekends when you may have to wait for a table – although of course there are all those books to browse through while you wait. We lucked out and got to sit down right away on a Saturday morning in July. The service was friendly and efficient but not rushed and our server remembered to bring Tommy the side of whipped cream he asked for to accompany his dainty meal of pancakes, eggs, homefries, toast, and bacon.

Breakfast at Trident Booksellers and Cafe

(I no longer remember why my child asked for a side of whipped cream or why I permitted him to get a side of whipped cream when he also had a smoothie with ice cream in it. Maybe he hit me over the head with a book and I was unconscious when he ordered.)

Trident Booksellers is located at the far end of Newbury Street from downtown Boston toward Boston University. It was supremely hot the day we ate there, so we chose to hop back on the T for one more stop instead of walking to Fenway Park, which lies just a little further out. On a nicer day, this would be an easy walk. You could also easily stroll back up Newbury Street (although beware – much expensive consumer temptation will line your way) to visit the Boston Public Library, the Swan Boats, or the Common. The Esplanade along the Charles River is close by, as is the Museum of Fine Arts and the meandering Fens, a gorgeous green space to get lost in (if you’re there in early summer, be sure to make your way over to the rose garden). Trident is therefore the perfect place to fill up before setting out to burn off some energy in the Back Bay. Or stop by for dinner (or “perpetual breakfast”) at the end of a busy day – they are open every day from 8 a.m. until midnight. The menu is extensive, with something to please everyone, and they do serve beer and wine if your day happens to have been a bit wearying.

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    Books and breakfast are an awesome combination! I love the whipped cream on the side at breakfast – sounds like something my kids would do. They seem to have sensed early on that my focus isn’t quite there or that the same rules don’t quite apply on vacation – anyway they always seem to manage to get extra treats when we are away that they never would have been allowed to have at home.

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