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Family Travel Sites I Love badge I discovered this site when it’s owner, Keryn Means, emailed me about some of my Philadelphia content. Keryn, who now lives in Seattle, originally hails from the Philly area and is full of great suggestions about restaurants and fun things to do. Her energy and enthusiasm are infectious, and that comes through in the stories she posts on her blog as well. It seems like Keryn is always going somewhere with her toddler son Dek, whether it’s up Mount Ranier or strolling on the Great Wall of China. Keryn is relatively new to the blogging world, having started in March of 2011, yet she already has an impressive amount of content including an informative Planning section. But what I really like are Keryn’s stories and photos.

Another reason I love Keryn’s blog? She states proudly that in her world French toast is its own food group. That’s my kind of traveling mama.

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