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Family Travel Sites I Love badge Sometimes I find a family travel site that I just like to fall into and wander around – an online space where I don’t seek information or advice but inspiration. Snaps & Blabs is just such a site. Written by a Bulgarian expat who met her American husband in Australia, this blog chronicles a family’s ongoing budget wanderings around the world – three kids, two parents, lots of stories (sometimes even written by one of the children).

A big part of the appeal of this blog are the modestly-named “snaps:” Whether chronicling a day wandering through Singapore or a butterfly farm in Penang the site is full of gorgeous photos.

There’s a freewheeling quality to Snaps & Blabs – the author doesn’t worry too much about grammar or spelling and doesn’t tend to use apostrophes. But I like her breezy style and always find myself caught up in the adventure, especially when I’m invited in, as during this tour of their rental house in Kyoto. And when the so-called Snapping Blabber gets started on food, well, I could read all day. Her quest for the perfect ramen noodles took not one but two posts and left me drooling!

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