Colonial Williamsburg: One last look

Colonial Williamsburg is a photographer’s dream – gorgeous light, gorgeous objects and rooms, a plethora of texture and color. It’s amazing how beautiful even everyday objects there are. Today I share my own humble pictures before moving onto other recent travels next week.

For Photo Friday at Delicious Baby.

The expenses of our trip to Williamsburg were paid by Acura, who also loaned us a luxurious and comfortable MDX to get there.

Reader Responses

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  1. Humble? They’re gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lovely photos! I particularly like the jars of candy and the straw hats.

  3. Love these photos! And a fabulous series of articles that will be so helpful for when I plan my own trip to Williamsburg sometime in 2013???

  4. These pics have us excited about our upcoming trip next week to Williamsburg! Thanks for sharing!

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