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Heather Greenwood Davis is a great writer and a nice person who always seems to have a smile on her face in photos and in person. But that’s not what I love about her blog.

In the summer of 2011 she embarked on a one-year, round-the-world trip with her husband and two sons (who happen to be almost exactly the same age as my boys). She offers all kinds of travel tips and wisdom. But that’s not what I love about her blog.

I think the reason I love this site can also be best summed up by a quote from a post that Heather wrote in the spring of 2011 before her family left for their trip, a post that reveals so much about her philosophy and reason for traveling:

“I’m going into this trip with an open heart and mind, a promise to detail our adventures and emotions as best I can and with three of the people who mean the most to me on this planet.”

If you dive into the travelogue on her blog, I think you’ll find that Heather did this and more – with 29 countries under her belt and experiences from visiting a children’s hospice in China to road tripping in New Zealand to bathing in mud in Colombia she showed that it’s possible to travel with the world fearlessly with your children.

Maybe that’s why in National Geographic chose Heather and her family as Travelers of the Year for 2012.

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    I admire any parent who embarks upon this kind of adventure! There’s so much unknown. I give kudos to anyone who has raised resilient kids who can roll with the punches on a RTW trip. I don’t think mine would be up for the challenge!

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