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Family Travel Sites I Love badge When I was redesigning my site, one of the things I took a long hard look at was the list of links in the right-hand sidebar. It occurred to me that although you might assume that I liked these sites, simply listing them gave you no idea exactly why I like them or what I use them for.

So what I did was create a section where I could not only list the sites I really like and use, but tell you exactly what I like about them. I’ve called that section Resources and have divided it into categories like Staying and eating and Destinations. I’m starting small, but will be to adding many more sites in the upcoming weeks. I hope that the next time you’re planning a trip for your family, you’ll stop by and take a look around.

Another feature in this section is a category called “Family Travel Sites I Love.” If you look down in the bottom-right corner of this page you’ll see that I’ve got a special area where I will be featuring family travel blogs and websites that hold a special place in my heart. These are sites I use not only for trip planning but also inspiration and pleasure.

The first site I’ve chosen is Pit Stops for Kids, the brainchild of Amy Whitley. Amy lives in the PacificNorthwest and seems fearless to me in the way she hits the road (and the hiking trail) with her three children. Her site offers lots of practical information about where to stop when you’re taking trips with kids, and I love that. But I also love the fact that she has dreams of visiting every National Park with her kids and also knows how to enjoy herself  with her family at resorts and amusement parks. We also share a love of downhill skiing, and I know that when we finally make it out West I will be reading her skiing posts for tips and ideas.

So tell me – what do you think about the new Resources section? Anything you’d like to see featured there? Feel free to tell me in the comments below or on my new Facebook page (and while you’re there, be sure to hit the “like” button so you can stay in the know about resources as I add them).

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