Mondays are for dreaming: Change!

A fall stroll in Old New Castle I’m not sure how you feel about change. Me? I like it, especially when it’s tempered with a good dose of consistency. I don’t see the two things as mutually exclusive, but more on that in a minute.

As you may have guessed, I’m working on some changes to The Mother of All Trips. They should be ready in a few weeks. Without going into detail and ruining the surprise, I’ll simply say this: The site is going to look better, be easier to read, and will also have some new categories of content that I think know you’re going to like.

Now about that consistency thing – what won’t change? Pretty much everything I assume that you love about this site is going to stay the same. Same Mondays are for dreaming, same mix of narrative and tips, same photos of Tommy wearing a Phillies t-shirt with red pants or shorts to match….

The reason I’m writing about this today is to explain what you will be seeing over the next ten days or so. You see, blogging is a cruel mistress requiring constant attention to detail and new content. It’s also forward looking. I’m not supposed to dwell on the fact that I have written over 430 posts in the past 34 months. (I know! Doesn’t that seem like a lot?). However, when one is making changes to one’s site, it kind of requires that the older content get a little TLC – a sprucing up as it were. And it’s hard to find time for sprucing when one is generating new material on a near-daily basis.

So, although I am far from out of things to write about (there are about ten posts burning in my brain as I type this) I am going to hold off on creating any truly new content for the next few weeks. But never fear! For those of you loyal readers who just need to have your fix, each day I’m going to share a different photo and some quick links to older content I think you might like. I’m actually kind of looking forward to it – it will be a bit like paging through my high school yearbook, only hopefully without the bad hair.

And this means we can all get ready for the changes to come together by looking at where we’ve been over the past couple of years. And then, when that dazzling day arrives, you’ll be more than ready for the new hair and makeup since you’ll have spent lots of time with the “old” Mother of All Trips.

What are you dreams on this find Monday? Please feel free to share them below.

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    Woo hoo… I look forward to your new look. Congratulations… and good luck. I sometimes feel pressure from the blogosphere to spruce up my little blogger blog… alas, that’s not likely anytime soon. And my relationship with change… Japan will be the sixth country in which I have lived and worked so I must like change!

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