Sylvester’s Restaurant: A neighborhood hangout (just not my neighborhood)

Interior of Sylvester's Restaurant Northampton Massachusetts

When I think about how long I’ve been blogging (going on three years now) and how many times I’ve driven to and from Vermont from Delaware during that time (don’t have an exact number, but probably two dozen) I can’t believe I’ve never written a post about Sylvester’s Restaurant in Northampton, Massachusetts. Past the halfway point on the drive up, always what we hit right around brunch time on the way home, Sylvester’s has become one of our go-tos, a place as familiar to my family as if we actually did live up the street.

Sylvester Graham at Sylvester's Northampton

Sylvester’s is named after Sylvester Graham because it is located in what was once his home. I’m not sure that this 19th-century advocate of dietary reform, vegetarian, teetotaler, and inventor of graham crackers would approve of the sybaritic pleasures to be found under what was once his roof, but no one seems all that concerned.

There’s lots that is local and organic and sustainable on the menu here. There’s also lots of butter. And this peppermint hot chocolate, which it would be possible to bathe in.

Peppermint hot chocolate at Sylvester's Resaurant

Or just enjoy a whole heck of a lot – that’s real whipped cream, under which chocolate and cinnamon lurk in abundant amounts.

Drinking hot chocolate at Sylvester's

Sylvester’s has amazing pancakes and cinnamon bun French toast, but I always find it hard to order anything but the huevos rancheros, coated with homemade salsa and served with two slabs of cornbread.

Huevos Rancheros Sylvester's Restaurant

Matt is more adventurous than I am. This time he went ethnic and ordered the Irish eggs Benedict – corned beef hash drenched in hollandaise.

Irish Eggs Benedict Sylvester's Northampton

Tommy always assembles his own omelet, which suits him just fine since he doesn’t care for cheese but will sometimes combine bacon, ham, and sausage to great effect. Teddy swears by the clam chowder. (One of the things I love about Sylvester’s is that they serve breakfast and lunch and don’t care if your table orders a hybrid of the two).The coffee is excellent and we always get some to take with us. And sometimes cookies or brownies that are as big as my face. In case that cornbread didn’t fill me up.

Make your own omelet at Sylvester's

So Sylvester’s may be almost 300 miles from where I live, but I consider it my neighborhood joint, along with everyone who actually lives in Northampton – the place is always hopping and on weekends you’ll wait for brunch with a long line of pierced college kids (Smith is right up the street) and families.

It’s worth it.

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  1. says

    I’m ready to drive to Sylvesters even though it is a lot more than 300 miles from here. I am cracking up that he was an advocate of dietary reform. And what does it mean that I came across this post before breakfast? Humm…. should I jump in the car? 😉

  2. says

    I’ve totally missed this place and will have to rectify it during one of the next couple of weekends. We usually go to Green Street Cafe in Northhampton for a locavore brunch, or La Veracruzana (Main St near train bridge) which is really good Mexican food.

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