Skiing with kids: What’s for lunch?

Lunch at Bear Creek ski area

You’d be hard pressed to find a pair of happier looking kids than my two little skiers, waving their French fries around like magic wands. I have to admit, though, that I cringed a little when I saw this photo. Could there be any more fried food on the table? Not exactly the lunch of champions.

I’m gearing up for this winter’s ski season – we’ve got trips to Vermont planned for the week after Christmas and for the Martin Luther King holiday weekend – and one thing I’m considering is what we will be eating. I’ll confess right here that I get a little lazy about packing lunches when we’re skiing, even though I know it would be the healthiest and most economical option. Somehow the prospect of hauling lunch along with all the other gear overwhelms me a bit. Plus there’s the fact that I tend to like something hot for lunch when I’ve been out on the mountain.

For me eating on the road with kids is all about balance. We eat at a variety of foods at a variety of places and instead of worrying about whether every meal is completely healthy, I just try to make sure there’s at least one healthy component (even if it is just the beverage). I’m finding this more challenging as the children get older, more savvy, and more pushy, but usually I manage. But as I consider that we’re likely to be skiing for four or five days in a row I’m realizing that I may need to put a little more effort and though into the lunch situation so that every day doesn’t look like this photo.

I’d love to hear what you all have to say – any tips for lunching with kids while skiing?

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  1. says

    What beautiful pictures. Next time we go to Paris we really need to take a trip to the UK and explore the museums.
    We spent a month in Paris this past July and I haven’t posted much either. Something about going through the 1,0000+ photos just seems a tad overwhelming lol.

  2. says

    Oops! Meant to submit the common to your post on Bath (BTW cute kids and IMO they are justified in eating the burger, chicken nuggets & fries since they burn a ton of calories :-).

  3. Val Mehta says

    To both cut some of the food costs and reduce the level of junk food (or at least control it) while skiing w/my kids I try to bring it along. I usually take it in one of those re-usable supermarket bags and have an iced bag inside if needed. If someone steals it no big deal but it has never been a problem.

    Usually its a bag of sun chips, seltzer waters and sandwiches (or Wawa subs), yoghurt and fruit. Then I let them buy something like hot cocoa, some fries, a cookie or something they really want. It also cuts down on amount of time walking around inside in ski boots.

    I started doing this even when skiing with other adults because the food at Blue Mountain was so bad my sister-in-law and I were staring at people who had brought their own food.

    Now when we bump into a Waffle Hut it is another story altogether….

  4. says

    My latest go-to carry-around-in-my-purse food item is a Clif bar. It would be more of a snack for your boys, but I tell my little guy its a cookie. He gobbles it right up. Then if the rest of the meal consists of fries, at least I know he got some protein to fuel him for a while.
    But I’m with Lisa, they’re definitely burning off whatever calories they’re taking in!

  5. Rachel says

    Aw, to be honest, I wouldn’t sweat it. Of course, I am a very slack mommy! I figure that one of the pleasures of taking vacations is suspending the normal rules. Since El Tom and El Ted are very healthy kids, a fried-food lunch probably won’t mean that much in the grand scheme of things. What I try to do with the girls is, if I know that one meal is going to be fried/junk, the other two are “healthy”. Saves me from angst, and the kids think it’s the coolest.

    Mind you, economy is a whole other question.

  6. Elizabeth says

    We have season passes and ski every weekend. No way am I going to spend the time waiting on line or $70 each time we ski on food. I pack our home made chicken “nuggets” in tin foil and we eat them warm, cut up fruit, milk boxes, hot chocolate in a thermos, cucumbers and baby carrots and protein or granola bars. Then I bring a little junk food for the post ski snack.

  7. Cara says

    We are Vermonters and ski every weekend. I always pack a lunch – I am not happy about it but with four kids that adds up to a lot at the register. I usually bring sandwiches, chips, fruit salad and homemade cookies – the kids buy hot chocolate and we treat ourselves to a beer :) This year I am considering other options that are easier to put together – Cheese, crackers, grapes, apples, pita and tortilla chips with hummus and salsa, smoked salmon and pepperoni – toss it all in and let the kids get a cookie or candy bar on the way home. I also saw a very creative family pull out a ziti last year that was STILL HOT – need to figure out how to pull that off. Weekends are my break from making sandwiches – I also need some fresh ideas.

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