Mondays are for dreaming: Oahu or Maui? It’s hard to choose

View from Maui to Lanai Hawaii

The nice thing about Monday dreaming is that expense and geography are irrelevant. For example, today I woke up thinking of a Hawaiian vacation. Now, I have only the most tentative plan to go to Hawaii (as part of a long trip that is still basically a gleam in my eye). But that hasn’t stopped me from imagining a hike through a verdant, tropical forest, the air sweet and moist. Or maybe I’ll dream instead of a day at the beach complete with snorkeling gear so that we can spend hours gazing at the teeming undersea world that so fascinates Teddy. Yep, I definitely think that at some point, Hawaii will be on our agenda.

Here’s the one problem: Since I’ve never been to Hawaii, I have only the most generic vision of palm trees, blue waters, and volcanoes. I wouldn’t even know where to begin planning a trip there. What island should we stay on? What type of accommodations should we choose? Happily, I was able to turn to my family travel blogging compatriots at Best Family Travel Advice for some help. Looking there, I see that Maui comes highly recommended as a family friendly place to visit, whether we rent a condo near the ocean or stay in a resort with great snorkeling instruction. Sounds like a done deal – I’ve got us parked in beach chairs on the beach at Wailea (which has a musical name that I happen to love). But wait – I also see that Oahu has its own attractions including reasonably priced rentals, the Pearl Harbor memorial, and the Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve. History and nature – a perfect combination for my family.

Decisions, decisions – guess I’m lucky I don’t actually have to pick today but can virtually visit both islands!

Do you have some travel questions about your own Monday dreams? I suggest putting them to the panel of experts at Best Family Travel Advice. They can help you turn those dreams into reality. And if you feel like sharing your dreams below, please feel free to enter your link below. Questions? See About Monday Dreaming.

Photo courtesy of ornellaswouldgo via Flickr.

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  1. says

    Why not Kauai? I’ve always heard from people who know Hawaii well that it is the ideal place to go and the most beautiful.

    Hubs loves it, but I haven’t been yet, nor has kidlet. We will go in Oct and I will let you know! 😉

    I am so looking forward to it and also going to Bora Bora and Moorea. They have all been on our list for a long time.

    I’m getting aloha and tropical fever here in Barcelona this Monday. 😉

  2. says

    Hawaii is a dream of mine too! While I love traveling with our kid even though he’s still pretty little, we’re saving Hawaii for when he’ll remember it, just in case it’s a one-time-only destination. :)

  3. Kaylee says

    I second the vote for Kauai. We went there for our honeymoon and stayed in Hanalei (as in Puff the Magic Dragon). On one island you’ll find a desert canyon, tropical rain forests, tons of local shops and delicious restaurants (very few chains to be found), and beaches, beaches, beaches everywhere! It has a small town feel — there’s just one road that you follow around the island between towns. We stayed in a large house that had been converted into apartments. The road smelled of sugarcane and was a 2-minute walk to our own private beach. And while it was off the beaten-path of touristy Hawaii, there were plenty of activities to fill the time. Ahh, you’ve got me dreaming of going back for our 10th anniversary….

  4. says

    Hawaii is on my list as well…Looks like our next tropical trip will be to Panama though, as my oldest is applying to do a semester abroad there through AFS. Little different from Hawaii there, I’m guessing!

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