Mondays are for dreaming: Looking up in Oxford

Angel New College Oxford

Weathervane on top of the Old Indian Institute Building in Oxford

Ceiling of the Keble College dining hall

Gargoyles, New College, Oxford

Oxford Museum of Natural History

Iron Man statue Broad Street, Oxford

I don’t usually share posts that are primarily photos (since I don’t really consider myself a photographer) but sometimes the perfect words elude me, especially when it comes to a place as gorgeous and magical as Oxford. Looking at these pictures, it amazes me I don’t still have a crick in my neck, I spent so much time looking skyward.

I’ve got lots of posts about our trip to England still to come and also tips for traveling with kids using only carry-on bags, some exciting upcoming travel to share, and the return of MidAtlantic Wednesdays. But for now I think I’ll tarry among these dreamy images for a while. What about you? Anything good to share? If so, please list your link below. And if you could be so kind, please link back to this post. Happy Monday!

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  1. Love all the picture especially the last one. Sometimes, there is no word needed.

  2. Can’t wait to read your articles about traveling in England and with kids. Great photos by the way

  3. Makes you wonder how kids see things, always having to look up at things. Nice angle!

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