Eating out with kids in London: Wagamama

Outside Wagamama Bloomsbury

Eating in London used to be much more of a challenge. But it’s now possible to find healthy, delicious, affordable food all around the city and I’ve been really pleased the past few times I’ve been there to see some of the great new chains and the gastropubs that offer family-friendly meals at reasonable prices. One favorite of mine is the Asian noodle chain Wagamama which offers a wide range of noodle and rice dishes all cooked to order. The boys and I lunched there on the day that we visited the British Museum (it’s right around the corner at 4 Streatham Street). A sleek aesthetic, relatively low prices, communal tables, and super-fast service make this a great place for both kids and grownups.

Travel-with-kids tip: Wagamama prides itself on quick service, but it can get busy and you might have to wait in line for table. But I’ve found that in Europe most people tend to lunch on the later side, so if you show up right at noon when the restaurant opens, you shouldn’t have any trouble. We did this and were initially the only people in the place other than the staff.

Eating gyoza at Wagamama Bloomsbury

After fighting the crowds in the Egyptian exhibit all morning, the boys were ravenous so we ordered some ebi gyoza (shrimp and veggie dumplings) to “share.” I think I got exactly one.

Tommy had salmon ramen, which were noodles in a miso soup topped with grilled salmon and veggies. My choice was the itame, a spicy coconut curry noodle dish redolent of lemongrass and full of tofu and vegetables. Both our meals tasted fresh and delicious.

Salmon ramen at Wagamama

Teddy ordered off of the children’s menu and was thrilled with his Grilled Chicken Noodle. He’s a slightly pickier eater than his brother but not once he saw his charming plate with its piles of shredded carrot, cucumber, corn, chicken, and noodles all with a slightly sweet citrus sauce for dipping.

Yum! Grilled Chicken Noodle at Wagamama

There wasn’t anything left on his plate at the end of the meal.

Eating noodles at Wagamama

Another plus is that Wagamama has a number of restaurants near tourist attractions in London and its environs including one in Convent Garden, one near the Tower of London, and another across the street from Windsor Castle. You’ll also find them in other British cities like Bristol and Oxford. They are open for lunch and dinner and also offer take-out meals. (And if you want to try Wagamama in the United States, check them out the next time you’re in Boston.)

I share this as part of Wanderfood Wednesday at Wanderlust and Lipstick. Stop over there to see what else is cooking.

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  1. says

    They have a couple in Ireland, too – at least one in Dublin and one in Cork. Terrific stuff! I’m impressed by how willing your kids are to try different kinds of food, but I know that’s due to your and your husband teaching them to embrace other cultures. Well done!

  2. says

    Well, noodles are pretty easy to love. And we eat a lot of stirfries at home. And of course, Tommy’s favorite food is sushi! Asian food just comes naturally to our family I guess. :)

  3. says

    My daughter and I ate at the Wagamama in Boston this past spring. I liked it, and I’m always happy to see a children’s menu that offers smaller portions of “real” meals rather than simply chicken strips or mac and cheese.

  4. says

    Glad you discovered Wagamama – we did in Australia and as they are one of the few chains where we can be guaranteed a Vegan option, we ate there a lot. But since moving to the UK we have only been to one once. I think part of that is because there are so many great option in London!

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