What’s more fun: The real Tower Bridge or the one made of LEGOs?

Tommy, Teddy and I enjoyed a picnic lunch next to the Thames on the day we visited the Tower of London where we had a lovely view of Tower Bridge. This is one of my favorite landmarks (it’s up there with the Eiffel Tower) so I was very excited to see the drawbridge going up to let a tall ship through because even though I have many photos of this icon, I  don’t have one like this:

Tower Bridge with the drawbridge raised

I’m sure you can therefore imagine my joy at discovering that I could also snap a picture of the Tower Bridge with it’s drawbridge raised on our visit to Miniland at LEGOLAND Windsor:

Tower Bridge at LEGOLAND Windsor

In addition to the Tower Bridge, other sights we experienced in both real and LEGO form were the London Eye, Saint Paul’s, the Tower itself, Buckingham Palace, and the Crown Jewels:

The Crown Jewels at LEGOLAND Windsor

I’m looking forward to telling you many many stories about our time in England where we rode bikes, boats, trains, and roller coasters and pretty much never stopped moving. I’ll admit that it’s nice to be home, although it’s not like we’re immobile for long; on Tuesday we leave for our annual 3-week stay in Vermont. There seems to be no shortage of travel around these parts.

For Photo Friday at Delicious Baby. Please stop by and check out the other wonderful travel photos.

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  1. says

    That’s a nice picture of Tower Bridge and by the look of the sky it was a great day for a picnic. We were not so lucky with the weather when we visited last week. I like the comparison with the Lego version too.

  2. says

    The Tower of London and Legoland are popular in our family travel too! 😉 We skipped the one in the UK, because we wanted to wait and see the original Legoland in Denmark.

    Looking forward to your stories about London, Enjoy your time in Vermont!

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