Mondays are for dreaming: Summer trips

Jumping into the Mad River

As I’m sure you can imagine, I subscribe to a few travel blogs in my Google Reader; just one or two (hundred). Some of the ones I really enjoy like Nomadic Matt, Almost Fearless, and Soul Travelers 3 are authored by perpetual nomads, who have decided that a life with no fixed address is the life for them. I also love to read It’s a Small World After All, written by a mom whose family is planning a long-term, round-the-world trip and Family on Bikes, who are in the middle of a two-and-half-year bike trip from Alaska to Argentina.

Although Matt and I did travel with Tommy for 13 months, I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to convince my clan to undergo quite such an ambitious adventure again. The boys are getting older, and they like to do things like play baseball on Little League teams and attend their friends’ birthday parties. I’m certainly the only member of my family who would enjoy a peripatetic existence without a permanent home base.

And of course it’s not like I’m exactly chained to my house! We do have a few weekend trips planned in May (I’m going to be cagey and make you wait to find out what they are). I also plan to go on a Farewell-to-Preschool, Mid-Atlantic Daytrip Tour with Teddy, since he will be out of school for a month before any of his summer activities start. All of this will be great and will keep me and my blog happily humming away.

But today what I’m dreaming of are our long summer getaways. These do a great deal to alleviate my wanderlust, offering as they do the chance to fully enter into the spirit of possibility that travel brings – the chance to imagine a new life in a new place, to see things never before seen or to return to a places often visited and much loved for a long stay. I feel so grateful that my life gives us these opportunities, which fill me with joy and fuel my dreams. Dreams of the cute little apartment I’ve rented just north of Islington in London this July, of seeing the spires of Oxford for the first time, and of exploring living history in places like Bath and Stonehenge. And there are still more dreams: Of long, lazy, late-summer afternoons spent at the swimming hole as familiar as my own backyard and of places new to us like the Montshire Museum of Science or Derby Line, Vermont where the library and opera house were deliberately built to straddle the border between the United States and Canada.

How about you? Do you have any summer trips planned? Are you dreaming of them on this fine Monday? Please feel free to share a link to your own inspiration below, making sure you link directly to your post, not your site’s homepage and that you link back to this post. Questions? See About Monday Dreaming.

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  1. says

    Oooh, thank you for including me! Our only trip planned for this summer is to the English seaside, which if the weather’s good can’t be bettered. Of course, the weather’s not usually that good, but never mind. I’ve got November in Hawaii to look forward to…
    .-= Victoria´s last blog ..Dresses =-.

  2. says

    Love that photo! Thanks so much for the shout out! You’d be surprised, but the way we do our open ended, non-stop world tour it is not so different than a stationary life in many ways….but a LOT cheaper & the “vacations” are more abundant & often exotic & magical.

    My child still plays ball, takes piano & violin class, goes to & has birthday parties with friends she has known for years, has sleep overs, goes to rock climbing, ceramics & dance class ( flamenco) after school. Because we have wintered in the same tiny village for the last 4 winters ( 1,2,3, 4th grade) she has bonded deeply with these kids & is super proficient in her 2nd language/literature/culture in a way she would never be had we stayed home ( even if she went to an immersion school).

    We will do the same thing now with a small community in Asia for several winters, yet she will continue to keep in contact with these Spanish ( & other expat) kids just as she has kept in contact with her friends in California. She is excited about the new place.

    We have normal family routines when we are on the move or when we are in winter apartment/home. The RV and apartments let us easily maintain a normal family life no matter where we are. We rarely have to do much packing.

    A year or 13 months sounds like a long time, but it really goes by really fast ( so does 4 years!!) and as small as the world is getting in some ways, it is still huge with so much to see and do, so slow travel or travel as a lifestyle and deep immersion ( with lots of time to reflect,rest, rejuvenate) gives one a very different sense of travel. It is an endless summer or endless Saturday, but very little of the stress that comes normally with travel that has time limits.

    If we are running late as we go to leave a place, we just stay another day or another week or another month etc. BUT following your bliss does not mean total chaos or no routines, bonds or ties, quite the opposite, especially as a family. For me it is about time equals wealth & this lifestyle makes one live in the “now” more which is all we really have & that is what gives it that eternal feeling of bliss & perhaps one of it’s greatest rewards. We are a LOT more relaxed this way, so it has done wonders for our relationships.

    Still, it is not for everyone, but I DO think more & more people will be doing it.

    We have some lovely plans for this summer- Back to our Barcelona, Provence & Paris “homes” & Swiss Alps, Lake Como are on our list before we head to Asia and try our our first full circumference of the globe.

    Keep dreaming!!
    .-= soultravelers3´s last blog ..Around The World Family Travel Soultravelers3 =-.

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