We have a winner!


I’m please to announce a winner for my drawing: Tamara Rice now has $25 to spend at Amazon, which she will undoubtedly do on travel books. Tamara encounter The Mother of All Trips on Twitter, like all us hip folk. (Have I mentioned that on the Twitter Elite list for Delaware I currently sit next to Joe Biden? This would be really cool if I actually cared how many followers I had. Or if they mentioned in his profile that he happened to be vice president.  Or if Dogfish Head Brewery weren’t ahead of both of us.)

You can find Tamara blogging over at Uptake Attractions. I hope you’ll read her recent post about camping with her kids on the beach in California. It’s both fun and funny and is just the kind of travel story – narrative with lots of tips thrown in – which I love.

And so you know how this went down, the entire process was quite scientific. I wrote down all the names the requisite number of times, swirled the papers around in a bowl, and had Matt pick one.

Congratulations Tamara – spend it well. And thanks to all who participated!

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