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I’ve been writing short posts this week that share lessons I learned on a recent family trip to Arizona. This is post Number Three. I hope you’ll visit Number One and Number Two.


My tip today is really super simple. It’s for all you intrepid traveling parents. All of you who love to throw baby into a backpack and hit the trail. All of you who bring your children to the fabulous hotels in great cities and teach them to eat foie gras off of china plates. I love you all. I admire you all. I tell you all: YOU MUST DO SOME TRAVELING WITHOUT YOUR KIDS!

Matt and I stole away for a delicious 36 hours on this trip. Included in our sojourn was a visit to the Desert Botantical Garden, a place I had planned to take the children. And I will. Next year. This year, I got to watch all of the other parents hauling around their sweaty offspring, stopping to provide snacks and water, and having to leave before they were ready. Me? I felt a little guilty. But just a little. Mostly I felt happy to cover every inch of the garden without worrying about someone else’s legs getting tired, to take tons of pictures of the amazing Dale Chihuly sculptures on exhibit, and even (gasp) to venture into the gift shop.

For Photo Friday at Delicious Baby. I hope you’ll stop by there to see the other pictures.

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  1. That’s great that you can get away even for a little while. It’s important to have just couple time as well. Well, I will have to see how we will be able to do that in the near future. Our latest attempt of romantic getaway last year turned into family weekend trip because the dog got sick. Anyway, at least we tried. :)

    Amy @ The Q Family’s last blog post..DC With Kids Day 4: Capitol Hill and DC by Foot

  2. Tee hee. The name of this post kills me!

    I think that your advice is rock-solid. Parents need to give themselves permission to take a different kind of holiday. As an educator, I also think it’s good for kids to feel comfortable staying with friends or relatives while their parents travel. I believe that (like anything else) when we are mindful about our actions, everyone benefits. Parents have a lovely vacation and kids learn that they are perfectly okay while mom and/or dad are away… and then happy to see them when they get home!

    And here’s to the possibility of sleeping in… just a bit!

    Monna’s last blog post..Letters from Santorini (5)

  3. wow what a picture! I know about the we must travel with out our kid, but it’s hard! Right now, my goal is to have an adult night out:)

    Photo Friday – Banana Plantations In Action

    marina k. villatoro’s last blog post..Skate Park Plus Lake Retreat Equals Paradise

  4. Having also recently returned from our first weekend away without kids….I am in wholehearted agreement with you! So glad you had fun. Love picture. Is that an installation from Chihuly? love, love his work.

    Lucia’s last blog post..Travel Photo Friday: Charleston

  5. LOL! Off on a similar adventure myself later this week. Seattle without kids. Sounds like heaven! Enjoyed your sculpture. Will have to post some of my own kid free finds.

    Bridget’s last blog post..Family Adventure Guidebooks:Tips to Travel Green in 2009

  6. Amy – I do hope that you manage to get away sometime soon – with no sick pooch.

    Monna – dead on IMO – I really think you do your children no favors when they think you have to be around 100 percent of the time or are the only ones who can care for them properly. With my kids, the door basically can’t hit my backside soon enough for them b/c they love staying with other people. And oh, the lovely sleep, a gal could get used to that pronto.

    Marina – even one night away is a grand idea – hope you get one soon.

    Lucia – Yes, it is Chilhuly. I took a ton of pictures (since I had no kids with me!) and hope to get them on Flickr soon to share.

    Bridget – Have a FABULOUS time in Seattle.

  7. You just want to wrap yourself up in this photo, it’s completely engaging. I salute you! A getaway without kids is long overdue.

    Lorraine’s last blog post..Kids in Space

  8. yeah! Time for you! I’m actually looking forward to my empty nest when the kids hit college this fall….and I too feel just a little guilty!

  9. How cool! And how wonderful to be able to enjoy this all on your own. Hubby and I get to escape in two weeks for 48 hours so we know your excitement! Beautiful picture!

    Jen’s last blog post..Tips for Attending the Blue Angels Practice Session behind the Naval Aviation Museum – Pensacola, Florida

  10. Pretty amazing to see Chihuly’s work in an outdoor environment. I’ve only seen a few of his pieces indoors, and the other photos I’ve seen of his work have been in gallery settings.
    You have to wonder how they keep the glass safe from damage and how they keep it clean outdoors, though!

    Dominique’s last blog post..Seven sensational Great Lakes National Parks

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