Portrait of the artist in Paris

Debbie over at Delicious Baby has a feature called Photo Friday. Here’s my first contribution: Tommy, my artist, in the Place du Tertre, just shy of Sacré-Cœur. He would have stayed there all morning if we let him, wandering from artist to artist, studying their craft. I won’t be surprised if he decides to move to Paris and set up shop there one day.

When I asked him which work he liked best, he replied indignantly, “all of them!” Funny, I don’t think he felt that way in the Musée D’Orsay….

Please come back tomorrow for my Fridays with Teddy post (which I think is going to become a Saturday feature). I’ll tell you all about our trip to Longwood Gardens.

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  1. Dominique says

    We were in downtown Newport, RI last night, and the biggest audience for the street musicians seemed to be the young kids out with their parents. It must be something about seeing an artist in person that fascinates them…

  2. Mara from Motherofalltrips says

    It’s true – Tommy really loved that he could see these artists actually working. It made the paintings more interesting and real to him somehow. It was too bad that we had little brother along, because he would have hung out and gotten some tips.

  3. Michelle D says

    Isn’t it amazing the way kids will spend hours watching artists working and looking at paintings outside, but once you bring them into a gallery they seize up and aren’t at all interested in the pictures ?
    Anyway, this is something I’m working on with my boys…

  4. Soultravelers3 says

    I love that picture! It reminds me of mine….only her hair is longer. lol! My daughter also loves the street musicians & giving them all a little money!

    She does sketching at the museums…works like a charm! 😉 Did a whole book at 5 on the Mona Lisa.

    Great keepsakes too!!

  5. Debbie Dubrow says

    I think it’s really tough for kids to make the connection between the art in a museum and the art projects they do themselves. Watching the street artists seems like such a great way to help them figure it out…

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