Signs of summer: Maple creemees at Maynard’s

Covered bridge on the Stowe Vermont rec path

After days and days of rain, finally a nice day! We went for a ten-mile bike ride on the rec path in Stowe this morning and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. Tommy had to ride through every puddle (as you can imagine there were a lot of them) and ended up with a mud-splattered bike and t-shirt.

Riding through puddles on the Stowe Vermont rec path

Muddy t-shirt on the Stowe Vermont rec path

From his seat behind me on my bike, Teddy kept up a steady stream of chatter about his little chicks, who at first were following us on their own bikes, but who then had stayed at home and were eating their lunch because, like Teddy, (and unlike everyone else to judge by all of the people who were out today) they don’t like the sun in their eyes. “Don’t like the sun, no,” my little Yoda chanted, “the sun no like no don’t.” But we all had fun and also enjoyed a little rock throwing in the river that adjoins the path, an activity that has been sorely lacking this past week and which is usually an integral part of most summer days here.

Maple cremee from Maynards Snack Bar Moretown Vermont

And this evening, we had our first maple creemee of the summer. I should explain that a creemee is what the rest of the world calls a soft serve ice cream. Vermonters love them, and in the summer you can’t go a mile without passing a small roadside stand, country store, or gas station that sells them, often in a dizzying variety of flavors. But in our family, there is only one flavor, and that is maple.

Eating a creemee at Maynards Snack Bar Moretown Vermon

Like everyone here, we have our favorite place to get creemees. The Morse Farm outside of Montpelier has, in our opinion, the best tasting maple creemees in Vermont. But our sentimental favorite is Maynard’s, just outside Waitsfield on Route 100B, a place of summer happiness and all that is good and right about childhood (and come to think of it, adulthood). There isn’t much too the place – it is a renovated chicken coop, painted red and perched on a rise in the road. You can buy a burger topped with tomatoes from the large adjoining garden, a lobster roll, a fresh raspberry sundae, and of course, creemees: vanilla, chocolate, twist, and maple.

Normally we go often while we are here, but it has been so chilly and damp that tonight was our first visit, even though we have been here nearly a week. We all ordered maple, except for Teddy who got a chocolate creemee and regretted the choice instantly, eating a good part of Matt’s instead.

Enjoyng a maple creemee at Maynards Snack Bar Moretown Vermont

Tommy finished his, and as he always does, climbed the tree that sits in among the picnic tables. He had a paper crown on his head that Matt found by the river in Stowe today, and he looked for all the world like a fairy tale prince surveying his domain. Teddy and Matt fought over the dregs of Matt’s cone, and I wiped sticky fingers before we all piled into the car.

Climbing a tree at Maynards Snack Bar Moretown Vermont

I got to wear the crown on the way home.

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